Andrea Hill Davies

Memory journey book box, late 1990s, miniature travel book describing packing for the journey, embedded inside plaster and fragments of old sepia photographs with key and scent bottle with scent still inside.  Unique one-off piece, 27.5/16.5cm, £150


The procession of life, 1999, photograph of nurses and soldiers of the first world war embedded in book with plaster of paris, scrim, hand made paper and painted with inks. Unique one-off book piece, 22/16.3cm, £125


The ship and the shore, 1999, miniature book embedded in plaster of paris inside a box covered with ceramic pieces found along the Thames shore at Greenwich with a miniature ballerina covered in scrim and plaster of paris, Unique one-off book box, 17/18cm, £150


Ship music box, 1999, music box covered in hand made paper with toy boat inside covered in silk and text, Unique one-off piece, 24/16.5cm, £100


Candles and shadows, 2005, unique book bound in scrim and wax with gold ink containing fragments of photographs. Some text showing some obliterated, a bookmark of ribbon with chandelier glass marks the page, one-off piece, 14/21.5cm, £150


The long memory, 2006, sepia photograph of a child looking at a book embedded in altered book , with key inside a text window with wax, scrim plaster of paris and hand painted with inks, Unique one-off piece, 26/19cm, £150  


Book two, 2007 Altered book containing sepia vintage photograph of group of nurses from the first world war covered in plaster of paris, scrim and wax, painted with gold inks, Unique one-off piece, 24.5/20.5cm, £150

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