Catriona Stamp


Signs of Christmas', 2003, accordian-fold with bamboo spine, hard covers; text, inserts and foldouts of tissue and handmade paper and digitally scanned papercuts on acid free cartridge paper, with covers of cream elephant-hide paper; inkjet print; limited edition 20; 14*10.6*2cm closed, 14*10.6*30cm open; £50, £1.50 UK/ £2.50 overseas p&p

CATEGORY: limited edition, £2.50-£50


Sacred Trees', 2003, Japanese side-bound, hard covers; text on white washi paper, digitally scanned linocuts on 34gsm white haruki paper; inkjet print; limited edition 30; 22*16cm; £25, £1.50 UK/ £2.50 overseas p&p.

CATEGORY: limited edition, £2.50-£50


New Year's Harvest', 2004, glued pages plus open-spine binding, wooden cover and reading stand; handwritten text in black acrylic ink on calligraphy ‘Japon' paper 130 gsm, cut and torn layered papers, including Chinese New Year money, pages from Chinese novel, various handmade papers; ; one-off; 19.5*19.5*6cm; £500, collection advised/ not for export.

CATEGORY: one-off: £150-


Scrambled Sayings', 2004, palm-leaf style book, hard cover; text and digitally scanned drawings on acid free cartridge paper, with 105gsm yellow olive lokta paper covers, red ribbon and beads; inkjet print: limited edition 50; 10.5*5cm closed; £15, £1 UK/ £2 overseas p&p.

CATEGORY: limited edition, £2.50-£50


Antique Bottle Bank', 2004, double accordian-fold in soft slip case; text and digital photos on acid-free cartridge paper; inkjet print; limited edition 50; 9.5*13*2cm closed, 9.5*13*16cm open; £14, £1 UK/ £2 overseas p&p.

CATEGORY; limited edition, £2.50 - £50


Body Fragments', 2001, sewn single section, soft tacket cover; text and digital scan of details of original painting on torn hand-made paper, glued to acid-free cartridge paper, cover hand-decorated paper ; ink-jet print; limited edition 20; 11*13 cm; £15, £1 UK/ £2 overseas p&p.

CATEGORY: limited edition; £2.50 - £50


Messages’, 2006, accordion-fold with pockets, story-cards, ink-jet inserts, text on story-cards Somerset 300gsm, text on inserts Clairefontaine Calligraphy ‘Japon’ 130 gsm, archival inkjet print, main structure Velin Arches Blanc 270 gsm, screen-printing ink, limited edition 10; 10X16X2cm closed, 10cmX100cmX40cm open; £270, £5 UK/ £8 overseas p&p. CATEGORY: limited edition, £50 -

Tidal Pools

Tidal Pools’, 2007, single-sheet fold, slip cover, Collagraph on Rives paper, limited edition 20; 13X18X1.5cm; £95, £5 UK/£8 overseas p&p; CATEGORY: limited edition, £50-


Mermaids’, 2006, tag-book, hard covers, Watercolour paper, and acid-free cartridge, archival inkjet, limited edition 50, size 12.5X6.5X2cm; £25, £5 UK/£8 overseas p&p; CATEGORY: limited edition, £2.50-£50

Wrecked in the Great Storms

Wrecked in the Great Storms’, 2007, Coptic-bound book of Somerset paper, with lino-cut inserts on cartridge paper, limited edition 7; 21.X21.7X1.5cm, £250, £8UK only CATEGORY: limited edition, £50 –

Beachcombing – Ten Steps

Beachcombing – Ten Steps’, 2007, Wire-edged, top-bound, hard covers, Limited edition 6; 38.5X17X1cm, £500, £8 UK only CATEGORY: limited edition, £50 -

CV. Born 1950
Nov/Dec 03 - Victoria Gallery , UCLAN, Preston . Group exhibition, landscape paintings and artists books.
Nov/Dec 03 - Platform Gallery, Clitheroe. Christmas Crafts Show, artists books.
May 2004
Sherbourne House, Dorset , Timeline exhibition, 3 books exhibited.
June04 - 5athegallery, St Helens , Merseyside. Group exhibition, scraperboards and oil painting.
April 06 - Echo artists’ group exhibition, Victoria Building, UCLAN, Preston, (artists books).
July 06 - ‘Turn the Page’, Artists book exhibition (by Lancashire artists), PAD gallery, Preston.
January 07 - ‘Book’, artists book exhibition with Artlab, Centre of Contemporary Art, Preston.
February 07 - Solo exhibition at More Music, Morecambe, (books and prints).
Mar/Ap 07 - Echo artists’ group exhibition, Sultan Gallery, Lancaster, (books and prints)

Catriona Stamp
38 Coverdale Road
Lancaster LA1 5PY