Jan Alison Edwards

Flat 3, 107 Westbay Road
Bridport, Dorset, UK


LONG BLACK BOOK AND ITíS BOX;2009; Hard Cover; Japanese Bound; Digital print on artists hand made acid free olive and lokta fibre tissue weight paper;Archival quality;Livre díartist seal & signed;60 x16cms closed (120x16cms open);£350 p&p uk £30

COCOON BOOK;Limited edition each book unique;hard cover of tropical mulberry bark( Broussonetia papyrifere);bound on a mulberry wood spindle;handwriting on silk backed paper;limited edition 5 books;30x12x6cms(100x6cms open);£90 p&p £10 (uk)

COCOON BOX ROUND;Limited edition each box unique;Cover/box of board covered in printed silk with 5 silk cocoons;Digital print on silk fabric;Archival quality;8cms dia;£30 & p&p£10 (uk)


FAMILY GEOLOGY Trained in ceramics BA Honours & Post Graduate Certificate , as a fine art medium my works usually confront issues of human kinds relationship with nature and the natural world .Working in the untamed hills of the Cevennes in the South of France with mulberry, chestnut and green oak  trees surrounding my atelier. Paper making seemed the obvious choice  of medium when  relocating there 30 years ago.
Coloured oxides seep from the rocks, yellow ochre, blue colbalt and red iron oxide. Rocks that contain mica, schist   and quartz all mined in the past in this
dry  arid landscape where the sun  in summer roasts everything to a dust and the torrential rain washes away all traces of the summer heat.
Greatly influenced by the Land Art movement of the 60s particularly Robert Smithson who wrote about” abstract geology” “Ones mind and the earth are in a constant state of erosion, mental rivers wear away abstract banks, brain waves undermine cliffs of thought, ideas decompose into stones of unknowing”.
My ancestors worked on the land as farmers in both England , the fen lands,  and in Australia, and must have  understood the geology of their landscape in an intimate yet harsh manner ‘ Family Geology’ is a  homage  to their  courage and  tenacity in searching for a better life  and committing to the struggle that was the result of their search.

"STRATIFICATION OF SARAH” – Artist Book Installation
Materials: Handmade papers from water plants and kozo, natural pigments, inkjet print silk and cotton fabric, framed in Perspex box frames. Size 47x37x8cms x 7 boxes

Closed 30 x 20 x 5 cms ; open 30 x 40 x 5cms

Materials: Handmade plant papers, natural pigments , ink jet print on tracing papers,gold leaf string and eucalyptus wood.
Size: closed 30 x 20 x 5cms; open 30 x 40 x h 25cms



FAMILY William

HOREA Serenea Diarium
An artists book created using the records of flora & fauna identified on the valley terraces  of le Tel between 1998  - 2019  in colour and texture . A memory.
Dominated by the acid soil , schist rock formations,  torrential rains in autumn and roasting sun in summer, the remains of ancient terraces ,evergreen oak , sweet chestnut and mulberry trees planted for the silk industry in the 17th c .  Combining  colours,  textures and records to evoke this valley  landscape,  the soil  and the weather patterns  throughout  the seasons,  creating  a sense of place.  

Materials: Hand made papers using plants on the site; natural pigments, tracing papers, inks and linen thread  binding.
60cms diameter by 20 High mounted on a plinth 80cm dia  140cms High.