Pat Hodson
26 Hartington Road, Sheffield S7 2LF

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Dip AD Fine Art 1963 – 68 : Liverpool College of Art
(now the School of Art and Design in John Moores University)

Pat has been exhibiting since the 1970’s, and internationally from 1992. She has been awarded travel Burseries from the Arts council for several of these; China in 1997, Japan in 2002, Finland (2005) and U.S. in 2007.
She has been making books since 1995.

In 2007 a book toured the US with  Fiberart International, During the same year she had a solo exhibition as part of the Surface Design Conference in Kansas City and was commissioned for the Cotsen ‘Box Project’. In 2008 work was included in the Holland Paper Biennale. In 2011 she took part in ‘Paper and Type’ exhibition at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea.  She has twice exhibited books in the ‘Papier Global exhibitions in Deggendorf in Germany. In 2015 a book was exhibited in the  ‘Concealed, Confined, Collected at the Minnesota Centre for Artists Books, US.

She collaborates on cross disciplinary productions with a poet and sound artist. In 2009 they worked together in a residency in Iceland which resulted in both books and multi media works.


2016/17 :
The Box Project: Uncommon Threads : Works from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection,

Pat's commission (2007) for this textile collection is included. Fowler Museum at UCLA beginning 11th September, then travelling to Racine Art Museum (spring 2017)and the Textile Museum at George Washington University (fall 2017).
I am a member of IAPMA (International papermakers and paper artists) and am taking part in four separate tours in 2016/17 to Europe, The Americas, China and Australia

Books are represented in special Collections including Filac, Marseilles; British Art Library, V&A; Brotherton Library, Leeds University; MMU special collections; Rikhardinkatu, Helsinki, Finland and Eureka College, Illinois; USA, (purchase award) Loyd T. Cotsen’s textile collection.. 


I  continually search for alternatives to manufactured paper to make my books. Pages might be fragile, translucent collages, with embedded precious metals, or be formed out of plastics and be indestructible. My involvement with unusual materials, techniques and technologies has evolved because I feel touch is an important part of experiencing a book – so I continually search for materials which will not degrade easily when handled such as plastic lamination of paper, transparent polyester film, or fused, non woven polyesters. 



1. GLISTEN 2016
Layered paper tissue collage, with embedded metallic fragments. A mix of imitation and real gold and silver. Coptic chain stitched. Cover of encaustic collage.
SIZE 15 cm X 10 cm
CATEGORY: One Off, GBP £500


2. DEEP BLUES 2016
Pages : Layered paper tissue collage, with embedded metallic fragments. A mix of imitation and real gold and silver. Inkjet pigment printed. Coptic chain stitched. Cover of encaustic collage. Waxed pages with added punching and piercing of the paper and cover to give a glimpse of what is within, beneath and beyond.
size 19 cm x 10 cm
CATEGORY: One Off, GBP £800


3. PAPERWEB          2016
32 pages, Transclear tracing paper, 170gsm, laser cut.  Cover : Encapsulated  (plastic laminated) tissue paper
size: 24x17.5x1.8
CATEGORY: limited edition, each copy numbered, GBP : £300


4. DEEP 4       2015
Encaustic collage box with two books : Each a continuous fold book, of double layered construction, with pages folded at the foredge and stitched in the gutter. Pages : Layered paper tissue collage, with embedded metallic fragments. Coptic chain stitched. Each page waxed to increase translucency. Inkjet pigment print.
Folded : 160mm x 220 mm
Box : 335mmx 235mm x 35mm
CATEGORY: One Off, GBP £1200


5. ICE BLUE (Image of Ice blue no. 1 and box) 2014
A continuous fold book.. Drawing on memories of Iceland;
Threading through the book is an excerpt from ‘Two Islands’ – a poem about Iceland by Liz Cashdan
size : 9 x 14 cm unfolding to 220 cm Box size  : 9  x 15 x 3 cm
5 printed copies, each on a unique paper collage substrate, (Inkjet pigment print).
CATEGORY: limited edition of 5 , each copy numbered,
No 1 (illustrated) in Encaustic collage box; GBP (Ice Blue no 1) £250
Nos 2-5 in laminated polyester/tissue fold box; GBP (£35)


6. VOICE OF SEA 2016
In the book, the 'sea' is formed from layers of words and fragments of words. Through this,page by page, the poem drifts. In the poem, the sea talks to Shakespeare, accusing him of 'stealing storms' and drowning his characters.

A continuous fold book, with pages folded at the fore edge and stitched in the gutter, collapsing into its cover.
Inkjet pigment printed on Matt paper, with cover of Innova cotton paper

Size :  26.5x18.5cm (folded size)
CATEGORY: limited edition, (50) printed on demand, each copy numbered, GBP : £45



Images developed from notes, drawings, maps and photo fragments and memory of a journey through Northern Arizona in 2009
Pamphlet style, Inkjet pigment Printed, on Innova Cotton High White double sided Paper.
25.5 cm x 19.5 cm accross 20 pages
Price £25
CATEGORY: limited edition, (50) printed on demand, each copy numbered, GBP :

8. RED DUST : A walk through the Ochre Quarries 2013
Drawings and notes made on a walk in Provence, where crumbling seams of red iron oxide and yellow ochre can still be found in the old quarries,

Inkjet pigment printed on Matt paper
Size :  26cm x 17 cm
CATEGORY: limited edition, (50) printed on demand, each copy numbered, GBP : £25