Claire Kennedy,

Worcester, United Kingdom,

PLACE OF STUDY: Cardiff School of Art and Design – Fine Art First Class Honours
Worcester Art College – Foundation Diploma in Art and Design – Distinction

STATEMENT: My work is concerned with exploring the book itself as a sculptural object rather than pages and words, to look at a book in the way in which a painter would look at a canvas or a sculptor would look at a lump of clay, as an object, a material.
A large selection of my work can be viewed on my website, please contact me with any interest in my work.


The Vessel, 2010, recycled book; achieved through paper cutting and folding techniques; one off; open 17x23cm; £65, £5 UK/ £8 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £50-£150


Everyday information, 2009, explosion concertina book; screen-print, letterpress and woodcut on recycled book pages, hard covers with handmade paper; one off; closed 6.5x6.5cm, £45, £3 UK/ £6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £2.50-£50

Alice, 2009, puzzle concertina book; digital print on cartridge 300gsm (imagery taken from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’); one off; 6x6cm closed; £15, £3 UK/ £6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £2.50-£50

A Wise Old Owl, 2009, concertina book made from recycled book pages; one off; 11.5x8.5cm closed; £65, £3 UK/£6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £50-£150

What use is a book?, 2010, recycled book; achieved through cutting and paper folding techniques; one off; 16.5x11cm, not for sale.

CATAGORY: one-off

Swiss Family Robinson, 2010, hard cover recycled and hand bound book; screen-print; one off; 21x13.5cm; £195, £7 UK/ £10 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £150-

A Collaboration (of sorts) 2011, hard bound book, hand set letterpress, 90 gsm zerkall ingres laid paper, limited edition of 11, 22 x 17cm closed, 85, 7/UK 9 overseas p&p recorded delivery, CATERGORY: Limited edition 50 - 150