Claire Kennedy,

Worcester, United Kingdom,


Claire Kennedy
Cardiff School of Art and Design – Fine Art First Class Honours
Worcester Art College – Foundation Diploma in Art and Design – Distinction


2010 “CSAD Summer Show” Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff.
2010 “Rebound, Re-stitched and Recycled” Malvern Library, Malvern
2009 “Impressions” Craft in the Bay (Makers Guild in Wales), Cardiff
2008 “WAVE” International exhibition, touring starting in Korea.

My work is concerned with exploring the book itself as a sculptural object rather than pages and words, to look at a book in the way in which a painter would look at a canvas or a sculptor would look at a lump of clay, as an object, a material.
A large selection of my work can be viewed on my website, please contact me with any interest in my work.


The Vessel, 2010, recycled book; achieved through paper cutting and folding techniques; one off; open 17x23cm; £65, £5 UK/ £8 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £50-£150


Everyday information, 2009, explosion concertina book; screen-print, letterpress and woodcut on recycled book pages, hard covers with handmade paper; one off; closed 6.5x6.5cm, £45, £3 UK/ £6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £2.50-£50

Alice, 2009, puzzle concertina book; digital print on cartridge 300gsm (imagery taken from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’); one off; 6x6cm closed; £15, £3 UK/ £6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £2.50-£50

A Wise Old Owl, 2009, concertina book made from recycled book pages; one off; 11.5x8.5cm closed; £65, £3 UK/£6 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £50-£150

What use is a book?, 2010, recycled book; achieved through cutting and paper folding techniques; one off; 16.5x11cm, not for sale.

CATAGORY: one-off

Swiss Family Robinson, 2010, hard cover recycled and hand bound book; screen-print; one off; 21x13.5cm; £195, £7 UK/ £10 overseas p&p.

CATAGORY: one-off, £150-

“A Collaboration (of sorts)” 2011, hard bound book, hand set letterpress, 90 gsm zerkall ingres laid paper, limited edition of 11, 22 x 17cm closed, £85, £7/UK £9 overseas p&p recorded delivery, CATERGORY: Limited edition £50 - £150


Recent exhibitions

2011 “Christmas Show” The Art Shop, Abergavenny
2011 “The Paper Cooperative”, Spacex Gallery, Exeter

2011 “A selection of works by Claire Kennedy”, University of the West of England, Bower Ashton, Bristol
2011 “An exhibition of female book artists for International Women’s Day”,Cardiff City Library, Cardiff
2011 “Make Room”, Milkwood Gallery, Roath, Cardiff

2010 Howard Gardens Gallery, display cases, Cardiff