Heather Hunter

e-mail: heatherhunter036@gmail.com
web site: www.hunterbooks.co.uk

Born in Luton in 1941 I did not begin my education in design and craft until after my family and continued until 1993 when I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc Hons in Psychology and Visual Studies. Continued my education at the Paper and Book Intensive, Salt Lake City, & Portland, Oregon, Streamboat Springs, Colarado, USA2003/04/05. Observer Series ‘Music’ was a 2007 Winner of the Brigit Skiöld Memorial Trust Artist’s Book Purchase Award.

Statement: The versatility of paper allied to digital and collagraph printing, and using various binding methods all result in the book forms that I have produced to date.
Environmental memories (memory of place) are a universal human experience producing feelings unique to each person. My books are my response to those feelings. To touch, read and explore will produce unique feelings that become the reader’s own environmental memory.
I offer workshops of the following kind: Weekend workshops, One-day workshops linked with exhibitions and One/two day workshops on Book Structures individually designed for artists groups. I am a member of Paperweight and the Society of Bookbinders.

Inspired by Lygia Clark’s movable sculptures and Mary Robinson’s poem, the snowdrop pushes upwards through the dark cold soil into the light. Then being changed by the wind into different spear shapes before the flower drops its head and opens in the sun. 2008 Triangular book 12cm high. 16cm diagonally £60 =p/p £6

Observer series- Sea and Seashore
This sculptured book is from the Observer series published between 1950-1970. It can still be read as a complete book. In the construction this book produces random words for a found poem presented, with images, in the accompanying unique book.
The images are printed on a gelatine block, using intaglio, hectography  and monoprint techniques. The text is digitally printed.
The unique book is a flutter book construction. 195mm x 95mm.
Both books are housed in an acrylic box. The Observer book behind a sliding door, and the unique book in the slip case below.
Available at present: The Sea and Sea shore, Music and Architecture.
Available next year: Freshwater fishes, Trees

Each book unique - £200 +p/p £10


Patterned Landscapes

2004. A visual response to a year's contact with a special garden, Turn End, Haddenham, Bucks. Digital art as a medium with collagraph embossing throughout supported by an origami folded spine. Covers are transfer printed cotton. Presented in a perspex slipcase. 195mm by 185 mm with 25 pp. Limited Edition of 30 £200 +p/p £10




2005. Box with French doors and a modern twist background opening to reveal a tunnel book from old garden images. 200mm by 150mm. Series each One off £75 +p/p £5




Books inspired by travelling past and present. Digitally printed concertina in bookcloth covered case bindings. Presented in bookcloth covered slip cases. All 60mm by 74mm.


Food and Flowers of Life

2005 includes a Turkish folded page limited edition of 10 £50 +p/p £4

Proof of Travel

2005 edition of 10 £50 +p/p £4

Journey with a purpose

2005 edition of 10 £50+p/p £4


Washed up

Washed up

2005. Text conveying feelings about retirement. On handmade paper with found object in a Chinese whirlwind binding. Presented in a found box .130 mm by 5mm when rolled.

One off £60 +p/p £5



2002. Beauty of things incomplete and/or impermanent. Collection of images as a record of memories of a museum collection. Book in a Japanese bookcloth covered case binding. Presented in a slipcase. 135mm by 130mm. Limited edition of 5 £60+p/p £5


Wabi Sabi

2005. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic movement of the same name. A board book, case bound.145mm by 190mm. limited edition of 10 £50 +p/p £5


Unique Melody: Hildegard of Bingen

2000. A celebration of Hildegard of Bingen's writings and imagery. A modern interpretation of an illuminated book.

The text and images are computer generated and transferred to hand dyed Japanese Washi paper. Hand-sewn to 150 gsm paper. Book construction has an exposed stitched spine over leather straps which attach to transfer painted book cloth cover. 330 mm by 390 mm. All presented in a noil silk drawstring bag.

one off £250 +p/p £15