Mat Osmond

Strandline Books: Hand-sewn signed/numbered pamphlets; limited editions of 48 printed in black inkjet; 14 x 21cm closed; £8 each, £15 pair, £20 set of three; P&P: £5 up to three books UK delivery; overseas delivery by arrangement.


Drawing on Sand, Drawing on Water (2014) is rooted in memories of walking the Falmouth coastline by day and night, and in the resonances that cluster around tidal rhythm.
Falling and Listen (2013) are both less focused on place, and more on character. Two characters, to be exact, locked in a perpetual comedy of errors: deadman and hare.

These stories look to the dream as a form of breathing – one that offers a permeable membrane between the human organism and the animate, communicative world.







PLACE OF STUDY: Falmouth University - MA Illustration: Authorial Practice (Distinction) 2006
STATEMENT: Strandline Books is a series of narrative poems, told in words and pictures by Mat Osmond.

Mat Osmond
(Strandline Books)
4 Arwyn Cottages
Avenue Road
Falmouth TR11 4BA
Cornwall, UK